History of previous projects created by Agnes Ray and Melissa Vogley Woods in association with other collaborators or created by themselves from 2010 - 2018


Material Evidence

October 9 – October 31; Opening reception Friday, October 9, 7-9.

Ten artists interpret the theme of “Material Evidence” through art that documents experience, explores unusual source materials, or redefines our perception of medium.

Each of the ten artists in this show also took part in a social art experiment called “The Artifact Project,” which seeks to illustrate the universality of human experience through objects that carry memory and resonance. Mementos with little or no external value are documented and given an elevated life as museum artifacts.

Video screenings of the artist interviews will take place throughout the exhibition. “The Artifact Project” is an ongoing work by Mona Gazala.

Featuring: Mona Gazala, Dana Lynn Harper, Dustin Nowlin, Jason Schwab, Jeni Hansen Gard, Alena Rosa Reyes, Elizabeth Nelson, Ruth Burke, Forrest Gard, Gabe Michael Kenney

Agnes Ray, EASE Columbus, Ohio


Public Lighting

Spring 2012

Exhibiting: Ryan Agnew, Michael Bell-Smith, Nick Bontrager, Stefanie Busch, Paul Elsner, Leah Frankel, Peter Luckner, Erin McKenna, Shane Mecklenburger, Scott Neal, Danielle Julian Norton, Ken Nurenburg, Sara ODonnell, Patrick O'Rorke, Mike Olenick, Chris Purdie, Umar Rashid, Suzanne Silver, Timothy Jude Smith, Austin Stewart Michael Stickrod.

One night invitational exhibition of light based work in a unique setting. The work in the show will be the only illumination in the space-- creating something that is neither gallery nor theater. Both projections and installations using (artificial) lighting as an integral component are welcome. The show will take place at tan large empty 2-story warehouse in Franklinton just east of the tracks on West State St. which features wide open architecture-- large windows, many columns, and corridors that can support works of varying scales.

Organized by Melissa Vogley Woods and Ry Wharton


Lying On The Horns

Lying on the Horns: A Queer Art Show June 13 – July 11, 2014

Lying On The Horns is a visual and multimedia art exhibition that features works by Queer artists from Central Ohio. Inspired by the rhetorical idiom “on the horns of dilemma”, the works presented in this exhibition utilize painting, sculpture, illustration, screen-printing, mixed-media and video art to challenge the existing margins of Queerness.

Featured Artists: Sierra Conley, Glenn Cox, Kyle Franklin
Jocelyn Hach, Jesse James Johnson, Rachel Lee, Cody Mankin, Alexis McCrimmon

Curator, Agnes Ray

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 11.08.53 AM.png


2010, Hopkins Hall Gallery

The concept for the international exhibition houseWARNING began as a conversation between artist at the onset of the US housing market collapse. Their discussions centered on differences and similarities in cultural understandings of what constitutes a home: ownership vs. renting; scale vs. convenience; comfort vs. location; urban vs. suburban; apartment vs. house. Just as every house contains a story of promise, of political and economic goals, and of private lives, the artwork by the 21 artists represented in houseWARNING addresses concepts of home and place, confronting each artist’s own experiences and perspectives. houseWARNING is a visual commentary on the spaces where we live and attempts to forge a new understanding of a dwelling as a window to an era.

Artists in the exhibition: Leah Bailis - Philadelphia PA, Anja Brüggemann- Columbus OH, Stefanie Busch- Dresden Germany, Amy Casey - Cleveland OH, Paul Elsner - Dresden, Germany, Matt Flegle - Columbus OH, Eckehard Fuchs - Dresden Germany , Elizabeth Gerdeman - Leipzig Germany, Helma Groot - Columbus OH, Scott Hocking- Detroit MI, Esther Klaes- NYC, Maja Linke - Germany, Michael Litzau - Columbus OH, Ryan Mandell - Bloomington IN, Fredrik Marsh - Columbus OH, Ardine Nelson - Columbus OH, Tim Portlock - Philadelphia PA, Guido Reddersen,Dresden Germany, Jade Townsend NYC Susan Vincent Cleveland OH.

Curators Tina Beifuss (Dresden, Germany) and Melissa Vogley Woods(Columbus, Ohio)


Evaporation walk: A group meditation on foot


Lori Esposito created the meditative practice of evaporation walking in 2012 as a means for grief rehabilitation. Join her on Sunday, July 26th at 2pm (rain date August 1st 2pm) for the first group evaporation walk. Pigmented water will be carried till evaporated as a metaphor for ‘carrying forward’ a lost loved one. Materials will be provided.

Participants are invited to walk for any length of time and share personal stories of loss as desired.

The walk will begin at EASE Gallery located in a church at 30 W. Woodruff Columbus. The culminating plates will be exhibited at EASE from Aug. 8th-Sept. 5th as part of the exhibition, ‘Active Presence.’ Reception with artists in the exhibition ‘Active Presence’ scheduled Saturday, August 8th, 6-8 pm.

With support from the Ohio Arts Council

EASE, curated by Agnes Ray

Columbus, Ohio



MINT Collective, Collaborative Exhibition at Springbreak's Brooklyn immersive Brooklyn, NY.

MINT is a collaborative, multidisciplinary collective founded and operated by artists located in Columbus, Ohio. WILL PLAY FOR SPACE 2017: MEATBALL originated from a proposed basketball tournament in which local artist-run spaces would participate: our gallery, a former meat processing facility, transformed into a nearly full size court, Columbus’ art community as players and spectators in a communal performance. MINT Collective has since vacated our former facilities, alleviating undue financial burden and mitigating friction between our physical operation and city administration. Without a home court, WILL PLAY FOR SPACE is recontextualized into a broader conversation about displacement and nomadic participation, sustainability, and alternatives to alternatives

Created by MINT collective including Melissa Vogley Woods


December 4 – January 30. Friday, December 4, Exhibition Opens: Preview 2-6; Artist Talk 6-7; followed by Reception 7-9.

Discord and Discourse is a focused exploration of the incendiary social climate of 2015. Transgender rights, police shootings, racism, income inequality, and attacks on reproductive freedom are just a few of the rallying calls for protests, marches and conflict in recent months. EASE would like to close out 2015 with an exhibition showcasing artists’ responses to these (and more) issues, the divisions they have revealed in our communities, and possible paths to reconciliation.

Curated by Agnes Ray

object imprint.jpg

Object/Imprint collective show

Object/Imprint showcases the work of regional artists who expand on the contexts of object in their approach, and art category. The conceptual aim of Object/Imprint is to exhibit artists who have transitioned from traditional art making mediums into non-traditional realms while maintaining a fixation on objects that typify those root traditions. These works address object obsession, proliferation, memory, and value; adapting and shifting through media, idea, place, or situation in an attempt to expand their work conceptually and go beyond the object it self.

Including Maidens of the Cosmic Body Running, Tracy Featherstone Patrick O’Rorke, Josh Foy, Mary Jo Bole

Curated by Josh Foy and Melissa Vogley Woods


The Game Show

February 26 – April 9. Opening Reception: February 26, 7-9

We invited artists, poets, philosophers, teachers, and thinkers to come together over a shared meal, form groups and create a game out of collaboration. The Game Show is the fruit of these labors where process and play produce product. Come to the show. Play the game. Take a book.

Featuring: Julie Jent, Karl Stevens, Matt Swift, Nicolette Swift, Natalia Arbelaez, Brad Modlin, Kristin Calhoun, Joy Sullivan, Carolyn Baginski, Agnes Burris, Adam Gellings, Forrest Gard, James Minor, Wendy McVicker, Kristin Distel, Jena Seiler, and Melissa Neiderhiser

Curated by Agnes Ray

rooms to let 3 postcard .jpg

Rooms to Let #3

One day temporary art installations set inside donated houses May 18th 2013


Velvet Mirror, Elijah Funk, House: 219 N 22nd Street, House donated by: Homeport

Tumbleweeds, Nicole Crock, Lot: Scattered around houses, House donated by: Homeport

Timothy Smith, House: 219 N 22nd Street House donated by: Homeport

Tell/Tale, Curator: Andrea Myers, House: 219 N 22nd Street, House provided by: Homeport and included artists Andrea Myers, Liz Trapp, Josh Welker

The Proper Organ of Vision, Jeremy Stone, House: 219 N 22nd Street, House donated by: Homeport

Nostos Curator: Cat Lynch, House: 219 N 22nd Street, House provided by: Homeport Past participating artists*:Kathleen Ryan, Laura Hruska, Hannah Barnes, Jacinda Russell, Original performers:Kristin Rochelle Lantz & Susie Underwood, Jen Gillette, the teens of Project Pivot, The Art Club Collective

In the Dark, Curator: Philip Spangler, House: 214/216 N 20th Street, House provided by: Homeport Participating artists:Jessica Naples: Photography, Amanda Kline: Photography & installation, Liam O’Connor: Installation, Chris Harvey: Performance & installation, Leah Frankel: Installation, Page Phillips: Contemporary dance, Nick George: Photography & Sculpture, Amy Ritter

Home Manual, Elena Harvey Collins & Richard Rozewski, House: 194 N 22nd Street, House donated by: Homeport

Family Album, Artist: Sue Harshe, House: 219 N 22nd Street, House donated by: Homeport

CURB APPEAL, Curator: Liz Maugans, House: 194 N 22nd Street, House provided by: Homeport Participating artists:Liz Maugans, Corrie Slawson & Marc Lefkowitz, Dana Depew & Jeff Chiplis, Michael Loderstedt, Mely Barragan

Treading: 468 W Town Street, December 13, 2012, Fall 2012 Columbus College of Art & Design Junior Seminar Installation: Student Collaborative Project., House provided by Kenny Mollica.

Rooms to Let II featured nationally and internationally-recognized artists within a gutted house, located in the near west neighborhood of Franklinton. Each work was site specific and responded to the constructs of the unique environment within the house.

Director and organizer of RTL 1,2&3 Melissa Vogley Woods



Opening Reception October 10th, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Show runs October 10th through November 2nd

Concurrent is a group exhibition of current member of the ceramic community at The Ohio State University. Concurrent means occurring or existing simultaneously or side by side. The artist work together side by side in a shared studio space and are now showing their work together in the gallery space. The working conversation that occurs through making in a community environment is transferred to the gallery where it will continue.

Participating artists: Natalia Arbelaez, Ashley Cahall, Allison Rose Craver, Brittany Faye Helms, Jeni Hansen Gard, Forrest Sincoff Gard, Byoung Hoon Kang, Yuanyuan Lu, Britny Wainwright

EASE Curated by Agnes Ray

Columbus, Ohio

rooms to let 2 postcard.jpg

Rooms to Let 2

468 W Town St Organized & curated by: Melissa Vogley Woods House donated by: Kenny Mollica

PARTICIPATING ARTIST: Linda Diec | Columbus, Ohio, Elena Harvey Collins | Columbus, Ohio, Paul Elsner | Dresden, German, Clare Fox | Detroit, Michigan, Monika Laskowska | Poland, Bydgoszcz, Micheal Litzau | Columbus, Ohio, Ryan Mandell | Boise, Idaho, Lauri Lynnxe Murphy | Denver, Colorado, Jennifer Purdum | Cincinnati, Ohio, Suzanne Silver | Columbus, Ohio Mariana Smith | Columbus, Ohio, Timothy Jude Smith | Boston, Massachusetts Hannah Stephenson | Columbus, Ohio, Tatiana Svrckova | Cadca, Slovakia, Melissa Vogley Woods | Columbus, Ohio

Rooms to Let II featured nationally and internationally-recognized artists within a gutted house, located in the near west neighborhood of Franklinton. Each work was site specific and responded to the constructs of the unique environment within the house.

Curated by Melissa Vogley Woods


Active Presence

August 8 – September 5 | Opening Reception Saturday, August 8 from 6-8.

‘Active Presence’ explores four artists’ unique perspectives on the role of the meditative. This exhibition presents traditional, performative and digital medias to expand upon popularized contexts of meditation derived from Eastern philosophy. These artists’ deliberate and active collaborations with place and time inspire alternative approaches to artistic production, placing greater emphasis on process and experience. Audiences are invited to witness contemplative and revelatory acts as the artists have situated themselves in derelict buildings, urban traffic, studio environments and rural landscapes. These acts, from solitary mark making to public engagement, shift distant observation to the vulnerability of the immediate.

Featuring Lori Esposito, Siavash Tohidi, Daisie Hoitsma, and Duane McDiamid.

EASE Curated by Agnes Ray

Columbus, Ohio

11 at 400.jpg

11 AT 400

400 rich gallery 2012
“Some ephemeral moments must be given a memory, because the temporality of an instant may radiate a twinkle of eternity.
Erik Pevernagie

This collection of artist on exhibition site-specific performance and temporary installations utilizing the refuse found within the space in addition to additions from the studio. The work was exhibited event style, being open for 2 days only.

Ken Nurenburg, Leah Frankel, Ann Keener, Evan Dawson, Tim Smith, Jen Aneble, Nick George, Sarah Weinstock, Peter Luckner, Stephan Takacs.

Curated by Melissa Vogley Woods


The Garden of Earthly Delights

April 15 – May 13. Opening Reception Friday, April 15 @ 7

An exhibition of glass-based works, The Garden of Earthly Delights presents the lush worlds of Joanna Manousis and Zac Weinberg.

EASE Curated by Agnes Ray

Columbus, Ohio

rooms to let 1 postcard.jpg

Rooms to Let 1


the first iteration of the ongoing room to Let series of Projects. S

249 Martin Ave, June 3, 2011 in Franklinton.

PARTICIPATING ARTIST: Melissa Vogley Woods, Shauna Merriman Deseden Germany, Elizabeth Gerdeman Leipzig Germany, Mary Jo Bole, Columbus OH, Matt Flegle California, Sarah Weinstock Columbus OH, , Undine Brod New York, Candace Black-Housh Columbus Ohio , Ash Kyrie Wisconsin, Timothy Jude Smith Columbus OH, Sylvia Doebelt Germany.

House donated by Franklinton Development Association. Made possible with generous support from Greater Columbus Arts Council.

Curated by Melissa Vogley Woods


SHIFT: yaw

November 6 – November 21; Opening reception Friday, November 6, 7-9.

For a vessel moving through space, to yaw is to deviate temporarily from a straight course. For a vessel, to yaw is to shift along the vertical axis, to turn or be turned by oncoming forces. In human terms, to yaw is to turn on one’s heel to face a new direction. In human terms, this may mean a new course, or simply a new view for one maintaining their center.

SHIFT: yaw is an exhibition of artworks including new directions and new facets of work by graduate and undergraduate students at The Ohio State University. SHIFT: yaw seeks to call attention to the reaction of the student artist to the forces of academically structured influences.

EASE Curated by Agnes Ray

Columbus, Ohio

tracers exhibition card.jpg

Tracers Exhibition

Lecture series, workshops occurred at Hopkins Hall Gallery from August 25-October 4th with a collection of revolutionary artifacts, a feminist reading room and an interactive timeline of the history of women’s experiences among other radical ephemera. Associated events include a series of panel conversations about feminism and intersectionality and a youth poetry day camp at the Hopkins Hall Gallery on the campus of OSU and a grrrl rock show at Ace of Cups. Participants in the Tracers events included: Co-Organizer Jen Reeder, Micol Hebron's Gallery Tally: Equality in the Art world Poster Project, Mytheli Sreenivas, Tracy Zollinger Turner, Macrorie Dean, Maria K DiFranco, Lisa McClymont, Laura Larson, Cathy Waggoner, Dr. Treva Lindsey, Dionne Edwards , Krista Benson, Gretel Young, Erin Fletcher, Susan Saltzburg. Poets, Hanna Stephenson, Colleen Morrissey, Kim Leddy and Students from Mosaic, with assistance provided by Hopkins Hall Gallery and curator Merijn Van der Heijden.

Organized by Melissa Vogley Woods and Jennifer Reeder

tracers concert .jpg

Tracers book club presents

Tracers Feminist rock concert, an effervescent night to celebrate and support femme fronted bands and performers in association with Tracers feminist Exhibition. The bands: “Katherine” , “The Girls” "DIdi" with DJ Chris Conti, special guest Jenna Rochelle, performances by the Capitol Crushers with headmaster Laurenn McCubbin.

Organized by Melissa Vogley Woods and Jennifer Reeder

tracers lecture.jpg

Tracers book club lecture series

”Race and feminism”, “LGBTQIA”, and “Feminsim NOW” occurred in association with Tracers Exhibition held at the Hopkins Hall Gallery on the campus of The Ohio State university. Particapants included:Mytheli Sreenivas, Tracy Zollinger Turner, Macrorie Dean, Maria K DiFranco, Lisa McClymont, Laura Larson, Cathy Waggoner, Dr. Treva Lindsey, Dionne Edwards , Krista Benson, Gretel Young, Erin Fletcher, Susan Saltzburg

organized by Melissa Vogley Woods and Jennifer Reeder



February 13 – March 7

Supported in part by the Greater Columbus Arts Council and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, EASE Gallery is pleased to present Trespasses.

A diverse crew of writers, photographers, artists, and filmmakers coalesced and collaborated around the theme of trespass. This exploration produced odd bedfellows as artists paired with spiritualists and poets partnered with priests. Boundaries were broken. Velcro was judiciously employed. And we put it all together in a book.

EASE, curated by Agnes Ray

Columbus, Ohio


Useful Uselessness

May 15 – June 6; Opening reception May 15, 7-9 pm

Since its invention some 6,000 years ago, glass has been harnessed for functional ends. From the core-formed perfume holders of ancient Egypt to the touch screens on the latest smartphone, glass has continually reinvented its purpose, evolving to fit the needs of society. Useful Uselessness presents the work of seven undergraduate students from The Ohio State University’s Glass Department. Throughout the semester they addressed the theme of utility through the lenses of the “Prototype,” “Prop” and “Prosthetic.”

EASE curated by Agnes Ray

Columbus, Ohio


[Enjoy] The Show

University of Cincinnati Exchange Exhibition

November 14th-29th, 2014

Opening Reception November 14th from 5-7 PM

Featured Artists: Matthew Jones, Mary Clare Reitz, Leigh Johnson, Aaryn Combs, Rick Wolhoy, Sunni Zemblowski, Sophie Neslund, Christine Kern, Amanda Bialk, Abby Mae Friend

EASE curated by Agnes Ray

Columbus, Ohio


Scroll: An Installation by Elizabeth Nelson

March 20 – April 11; Opening Reception March 20, 7 – 9 p.m.

Everyday we are presented with an overwhelming amount of visual information. Our brains must choose which elements are important enough to acknowledge and which can be left unseen. In an attempt to increase efficiency, our brains train themselves to recognize the visual patterns we observe most frequently. Because of this, we are able to scan more quickly as we fall into the rhythm of the information being presented.

Digital news feeds have been developed to monopolize upon this idea. They allow a viewer to look without seeing everything, to glance rather than inspect. But, with the constant option to simply continue scrolling, what is enough to actually make someone pause?

In her solo exhibition at EASE, Elizabeth Nelson confronts this question with a site specific multi-media installation.

EASE curated by Agnes Ray

Columbus, Ohio


Rural Colors – Blue Mountain Pennsylvania

On view in the Projection Room June 12 – July 3; Opening reception June 12, 7-9 pm.
A digital video installation by Matt Swift.
Rural Colors is a series of short poetic experimental films that documents the natural landscapes of the world around us. This film utilizes a tracking shot of the stretch of the Pennsylvania Turn Pike that runs between Blue Mountain, Kittatinny Mountain and Tuscarora Mountain to paint a view of nature that exposes abstract asymmetrical designs verging on an ever changing linear perspective. Timed to music exploiting the brains superior colliculus (the area that connects visual information with audible information) the images become a kaleidoscopic cornucopia of color changing the original documented landscape into an aesthetic experience void of the details that influence our interpretation of such scenic views.

EASE curated by Agnes Ray

Columbus, Ohio


Great Camera Build-Off

January 9 – February 7

Join us on January 9th at 7:00 PM for the opening reception for the Great Camera Build-Off!

OSU photography students prove that digital sensors and expensive lenses aren’t necessary to produce high quality, thought provoking photographs.

The Great Camera Build Off features OSU student work created this fall during a course called ‘Alternative Camera Systems,’ taught by Department of Art Lecturer and STEAM Factory member Stephen Takacs.

During this upper-level photography course, undergraduate and graduate students explored an a-typical amalgam of photographic systems, including pinhole cameras, plastic lens cameras, and peel apart film.

Every artist participating in The Great Camera Build Off was tasked with creating a new camera using a piece of obsolete equipment distributed by Takacs, in part or in whole. The resulting exhibition features both the handmade cameras (many of which are quite sculptural) and the images produced by each.

Although all of the cameras and images were created using analog (ie. film-based) materials, the output varies and includes digital inkjet prints, as well as those made in the darkroom.

Takacs, whose room-sized camera obscura project Brownie In Motion recently toured the country, hopes that the students in his course leave empowered by the DIY mentality, and armed with the knowledge that it’s the artist who makes an image, not the device.

EASE curated by Agnes Ray

Columbus, Ohio


Rarely Viewed: Newfangled readings of a bygone time

July 10 – August 1; Closing reception August 1, 6-8 pm

In this two-person exhibition, Lee Marchalonis and Heather Wetzel delve deep into the archives as they explore the rarefied worlds of libraries and natural history museums. Through drawings, photography and object-making these artists engage with notions of data collection, representative specimens, and the future of the book in a digital society.

EASE curated by Agnes Ray

Columbus, Ohio

project 1 rooms to let .jpg

Blacked out in a white space.


Emerging artist exhibition at the Rooms to Let house.

David Leighty and Shannon Wilson BFA Exhibitions



July 22-September 17 2016

The Carnegie Center is pleased to present the new exhibit Marking Time, co-curated by artist Agnes Burris and Carnegie Center Curator Daniel Pfalzgraf. Exploring such concepts as “event,” “present,” and “history”, the artists in Marking Time seek to reveal the elusive, yet always present, force of time. Artists Agnes Burris, Lori Esposito, Valerie Sullivan Fuchs, Matthew Loeser, Michael Ratterman, and Theodore Zanardelli present a diverse grouping of media and materials to capture the ephemeral experience of time. Time is not only a common thematic undercurrent among all the artists’ works, but it is also an active element employed in the creation of the works.

The Carnegie Center for Art and History

New Albany, Indiana

Co-curated by Agnes Burris

adjunctpotluck 2014.jpg

Adjunct Potluck 2015

September 11 – October 3; Opening reception, Friday, September 11, 7-9.

EASE welcomes you back to class with our annual ode to the unsung heroes of the American academic industry, the adjunct. Come sample the talents of this year’s roster. And never fear; our potlucks are always botulism-free.


Theo Zanardelli

Diana Abells

Peter Morgan

Rob Thompson

Crystal Tursich

Carolyn Baginski

EASE Co-curated by Agnes Burris

Columbus, Ohio


Chris Stone & Theodore Zanardelli

April 17 – May 9

Stripped of color and devoid of distraction the works in this exhibition question fundamental constructs of art and society.

Chris Stone’s rude crude figures reference the first humans and suggest a suppressed violence underpins our day-to-day interactions. Meanwhile, Theodore Zanardelli takes mark-making to a whole new fetish, reducing formal structures of shape and line to their most elemental smudge.

Come plumb these origin myths and more at the opening reception Saturday, April 18, 7 – 9 p.m.

EASE Co-curated by Agnes Burris

Columbus, Ohio

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 11.40.19 AM.png

Shared Spaces

Columbus College of Art and Design Faculty Exhibition, exhibited 77 highly diverse artists - about half the full-time and adjunct faculty members of the Columbus College of Art & Design, from every academic department.

Curated by Melissa Vogley Woods